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My name is Bill, and I am a lifelong learner. You can learn more about me below, but for now, lets focus on what you will find here. This site contains projects that I have worked on over the last several years. I make no attempt to teach, although I was a professional teacher at one time. Rather, my intention is merely to awaken an interest in some of the things that fascinated me, in the hope that you too might find these things interesting. Should you find them so, I have included several excellent learning sources that you will find helpful.

Links to the topics covered are in the sidebar to the left. Arduino and Raspberry Pi may be unfamiliar terms to you. Briefly, the Arduino is a very popular, inexpensive, micro-controller that is well supported by a community of enthusiasts. It can be programmed to do amazing things. The Raspberry Pi is a very popular inexpensive micro-computer capable of doing pretty much anything a full blown computer can do. The other areas are somewhat self explanatory. I encourage you to click through the links where you will find more thorough descriptions.

People's backgrounds fascinate me. To a large extent, they define who we are. I am no exception. I graduated LaSalle College, Philadelphia in 1963. After four years teaching in high and junior high school I switched careers and began working for the Eastman Kodak Company. I earned a second Bachelors degree in 1973 in Photographic Science from RIT. I worked for Kodak for thirty-one years, about half this time as a development engineer at Kodak Park Rochester. The remaining half of my career was spent in the Marketing Division where I worked out of New York City

Up to this point my education was mainly technical. Then in 1997 I decided to pursue an MBA at Rutgers University, where I graduated in 2000 at age sixty. About the same time the Eastman Kodak Company was on the verge of bankruptcy. This was my cue to retire early. My wife and I moved to Lakeland Florida in December of 2000. Like many before me I tried my hand at real estate, but never was very successful with it. For many years I did substitute teaching in the Public School System, mostly in elementary. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the younger children. It wasn’t until I reached my late sixties that I became interested in most of the topics covered in this website. You are never too old to learn.

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