Selling your cycle is as simple as sending an email to with an attached image of your cycle.
Your email must specify who you want to handle the sale of your cycle. Simply state up front,

"I will handle all the inquires about my cycle. Publish my email address and or phone number."
"I want you to handle the inquires about my cycle. I understand that there is a 10% fee for this service, but only you negotiate the sale."

Next, in your own words, describe your cycle. Be sure to mention its type, i.e. (road, track, mountain, cross country.)
or BMX, and the manufacturers name. Specify the condition of your cycle, (excellent, good, or fair.) Also,
include any features that are unique, or you think might be of interest to a potential buyer.

Be sure to include the asking price.
Be sure to include a phone number where we can reach you if there are any questions, and of course,
tell us your name.

Finally, take one or two pictures of your cycle and attach them to your email.

On receipt of your email we will either contact you by phone or email, and then place your cycle on our site.

That's it. Good luck!